Thumos Book Promoter is a job position. You can work either part-time or full-time as a Thumos Book Promoter. You can as many hours as you want. You can work where there are many people who need to read The Book of Thumos, also known as #ThumosBook. Students and teachers, children and parents, as well as employees and employers, all need to have the knowledge as provided by  The Book of Thumos. You should read the full book description on the following page to understand why everyone needs the book:

The list price of the book is as presented by the following web page. As a book promoter, you may sell the book at a lower price. The difference between your cost and your price is your profit.

Your cost should be less than $12. Your price to your customer should be more than $36. You should profit more than $20 per book.

You may order from us as many books as you want to have for sales. The minimum is 10 units.

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