Thank you for your feedback on the cover for the booklet, Upgrade Your Life Add Experience Now, also known as Ri4C Book 714. As described by its homepage at, the booklet has only two dozen pages covering eight chapters, all of which except one are two-page long. The first chapter,  Upgrading Your Résumé, and the third chapter, Experience Before Graduation, explain why you should upgrade your career resume and acquire work experience before graduation.

The remaining chapters describe six different training and mentorship programs provided by Ri4C free of charge to college students. The six training and mentorship programs are as listed below. Each program is fully described in the booklet. A brief description for each program is presented at this web location.

Last week, the book cover for this booklet looks as shown by this first image, which is accessible via the thumbnail on the right. This week, thanks to your feedback, it has been improved to look as shown by this second image, which is also appended below. The differences are described below.

The two front-cover lines as shown on the first image, Startup Experience Now, and, Project Leadership Now, have been combined to become the same, new front-cover line, Startup Leadership Now, as shown below, on the second image. Furthermore, the new line is moved down because you thought that the item, Better Relationships Now, is more important. In addition, the following items are added to the front cover, as shown below, on the second image.

Also, thank you for noticing that this booklet is only a demonstration for a strategy. A new booklet can be similarly designed but with a different content as customized to fit a different audience.