Th1rteenR3asonsWhy Tape1SideA Moment of Vulnerability and Connection

This is a TV example of vulnerability and connection. After the first 41 minutes into the TV episode, “Tape 1, Side A”, directed by Tom McCarthy and written by Brian Yorkey for the 2017 Netflix original series, Th1rteen R3asons Why, Tony Padilla, played by Christian Navarro, arrived in his car at Eisenhower Park, where his best friend Clay Jensen, played by Dylan Minnette, was sitting on a swing.

Right after the exchange of initial greetings, Tony surprisingly noticed that Clay was using his portable tape recorder and thus asked, “Is that my Walkman?”

“Uh…” Clay hesitated, “Yeah, I was gonna ask…” (00:41:29)

Clay felt vulnerable as he was caught in the act of having taken over Tony’s property without Tony’s consent.

“It’s no sweat,” Tony cut off Clay. (00:41:30)

Tony acknowledged Clay’s vulnerability by saying, “Just be careful listening while you ride, though.” (00:41:32)”

Tony went further and stated, “You don’t want to hurt yourself. Again.” (00:41:35)

As soon as Clay’s vulnerability was positively acknowledged, he felt comfortable and he thus felt re-connected to Tony. This situation is well explained by paragraph #thumos15C8 from the book, THUMOS Adulthood Love Collaboration: The Book of Thumos Onboarding for Humanity, written by Mark Canny and Nickantony Quach.

The above example of vulnerability and connection from #Th1rteenR3asonsWhy is important for us all because, according to paragraph #thumos15A4, “in social settings, being vulnerable is necessary for a meaningful connection to take hold. A state of vulnerability is an opportunity for connection. More connections mean more time together and thus stronger relationships. Knowing when to wield the social tool of vulnerability is necessary for the mastery of relationships.”

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