Thumos Paragraph Identifiers (TPI’s) are hashtags used to identify paragraphs in the book, Thumos – Adulthood, Love & Collaboration: The Book of Thumos – Onboarding for Humanity, which is written by Mark Canny and Nickantony Quach and first published in 2017. For more information about this book, go to its homepage at

The name of each TPI hashtag begins with the prefix word, thumos, and ends with a four-character paragraph ID.

  • The first character is the digit 1, which means, the first volume. As of this writing, there is one and only one volume.
  • The second character is a “digit” identifying the chapter with two minor exceptions. First, the digit zero means a unit before Chapter 1. Second, digit X means Chapter 10, which is the last chapter in The Book of Thumos.
  • The last two characters may be a value between “01” and “ZZ”, where 1Z is less than 20 and 29 is less than 2A.

In practice, however, each paragraph number begins with a letter, not a digit. For example, the first two paragraphs in Chapter 3 are identified by the hashtags #thumos13A4 and #thumos13A8. In this way, these two TPI’s can still be preserved even if three new paragraphs were later inserted in between.