Providence, Rhode Island | April 12, 2012 | Over a hundred millenniums ago, early humans discovered a way to have widespread control of fire. It was the first in a long sequence of many steps in the technological evolution of human beings. Our technological advance evolved through three stages: the tool, the machine, and the automation. They’re all about conserving human energy, extending its power, and keeping it from being wasted. The widespread control of fire, of the tool, of the machine, and then of the automation gives us individuals and groups more energy and thus power. However, a nation with more energy, more power does not automatically have citizens who know how to treat one another better than those in lesser nations. Technology cannot bring our humanity beyond level 1.0. To reach Level 2.0, humanity needs something more than just technology. That something is explained in the YouTube series Thumoslang102. Ri4CTV is now releasing the last several of 21 episodes in the YouTube series Thumoslang102. In this series, you will witness how Jairson Ascencao a boy turns into a man in only a few hours. That’s exactly how long the blade of your mind will thereby be sharpened as you watch him grow. Thumoslang102 is the platform on which  Jairson Ascencao stood to eventually become a leader, the leader of Providence Haven, “a concept that was spawned out of an impulse, and then adopted by many people in the Providence community and greater areas, like Norman D. Baker, and Alec Mustafayev.” Yesterday (April 11th) was one of the most important days on the YouTube channel Ri4CTV as it released one of its most important videos. Its title is The First Falsifiable Definition of Love. It’s the third episode in Season 8 of the YouTube series NDBaker93. In the video, high-school student Alec Mustafayev, at 17 years of age, made the first encounter with love! One day, many may consider this on-camera event as the time when our humanity began its jump to Level 2.0.