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“Wow, I can tell my friend in Rhode Island of an opportunity to join a startup group before the start.”


If you are in Rhode Island and want to join a startup group before the start, this book is for you. Otherwise, please pass it on to others for their information. You must not know what a startup is or join one to find the information presented in this booklet indispensable.

You must not have any experience to join our Foresight Startup Group (FSG) based in Rhode Island. To join FSG, you must be available to participate locally in person. You may be in school or not, for any field of specialization. You only need to have the desire to build your future with other locals.

You may join FSG as an individual or a group. The first members of FSG are Nickantony Quach and Alec Mustafayev, also known as QMG.

This book is how you get started.

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