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Welcome to Ri4C, where you can get Startup Experience Now!

This page tells you how to get a startup experience now by working as a Startup Volunteer at Ri4C, a Limited Liability Company of Rhode Island. As a Startup Volunteer at Ri4C, you will gain technical experiences, business experiences, and other professional experiences. As you participate in our training program, Startup Experience at Ri4C, you will learn how to carry out professional tasks, develop your startup mindset, and gain employable skills. You can join us from anywhere and at anytime. You may work with us remotely, using online facilities, or locally, interacting with others in person.

The program, Startup Experience at Ri4C, is only one of several training courses available at our school, Thumos Gap Year. To begin the process of becoming a Startup Volunteer at Ri4C, please click here and contact our Program Administrator. Ask for an online meeting about how you can get a startup experience now.

For those, while with us, looking for a professional experience in computer programming or cloud computing, read the following book to get started:

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