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This site Ri4C.com is home to the Thumos Love Challenge, which is hosted by YouTube.com/Ri4CTV. All are organized and operated by Platform93. Historical details are recorded in the Thumos Love Newsletter Archive.

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Hey there,

I’m Alec Mustafayev. That’s me on the right in the photo. I’m wrapping up my senior year at Classical High School in Providence, Rhode Island. Below that on the left is my friend Jairson Ascencao, who is still in the experimental stage of his life. We met by chance, but we felt it was no chance to discover that we faced the same challenge in life.

Though we didn’t realize it when we were younger, now we saw that we invested a great deal of time and emotion into the relationships with our schoolmates. Why should we spend so much time in building these relationships when all of a sudden our loved ones could leave? Especially when we love them?

There exists within us all a need for company. We often wish we could have the connections other people appear to possess. But something stands in our way. Something we call the black mountain of social life, one of the biggest and darkest problems in life. Have you ever felt that you lacked a group to fall back on in hard times? Maybe that you had no friends at all?

Meeting random people is easy. Not being able to keep them in your circle of friends as long as you want is the black mountain of social life. We all have to face it. So did Jairson and me when we first met one another last year.

Luckily, we both ran into…

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