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Author, Toothpaste Against Loneliness & Distractions

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Nickantony Quach is the author of the 2023 book Toothpaste Against Loneliness & Distractions (TLD), which has not been published. It is the third book written to teach Thumoslang, the nomenclature for social life. He wrote the first 29 chapters between September and November 2022. He plans to write a dozen more chapters to finish the book.

The first seven chapters explain how to use Thumoslang and the Thumos Philosophy as toothpaste against loneliness. Many follow-on chapters involve the author’s experience working as a Substitute Teacher for several weeks at an inner-city high school. The experience makes him want to revolutionize the learning environment in every inner-city classroom using Thumoslang and the Thumos Philosophy as toothpaste against distractions. The ultimate goal is to turn students into lifelong learners through positive peer pressure.

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