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Authorship Before Graduation

Writing and publishing a book before graduation is one of the greatest ways to demonstrate your fluency in written English. When you do it with another coauthor, you show that you are a team player who knows how to take initiative without supervision. Authorship before graduation lets prospective employers appreciate your intelligence ahead of interviews. Your chances of employment are increased thereby.

Furthermore, with a published book, your ideas are formally captured and explicitly expressed. The expression of your ideas is thereby protected by copyright, which lasts beyond your lifespan.

“You must not have a lot of experience in order to start writing your first book. You only need to have an initial idea and few hours per week. Further ideas will automatically appear throughout the writing project. These hours often bring about a lot of fun and, as a great investment, generate practical experiences that will last a lifetime and perhaps extra income thereby.”

More often than not, the initial ideas are replaced by other, more developed concepts. In other words, you do not even need to have an initial idea. By working with others in a team, you and other members of the team will together encounter new problems. By solving new problems, you will together come up with new ideas.

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