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Most shortcuts and roadblocks in life are derived from relationships. More often than not, a relationship is either a shortcut, a roadblock, or both at once.  “Your personal productivity is how fast you can arrive at your [ideals]. Along the way, you will be sped up by shortcuts and slowed down by roadblocks. Not knowing availability of a shortcut or existence of a roadblock in life may result in a lot of time wasted.”  On the other hand, “while on your way to your ideals, you are either a roadblock or shortcut to other people around you. If other people could understand you better, they would see you as less of a roadblock for them so that they would interfere with your activities less.”

The free mentorship program, Better Relationships Now, as provided by Ri4C, LLC of Rhode Island, is designed to help those who want to become more effective in managing key relationships in their life. A mentor will work with you from the start. The objective of this program is helping program participants have more and more positive relationships.

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