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  1. What is this Dictionary for? (10/18/2022)
  2. Meet a local author! (9/9/2022)
  3. New Purpose for the Website Ri4C.com! (4/10/2020)
  4. I’m the Coauthor with Mark Canny of THUMOS an Onboarding Process for Humanity. AMA! (4/24/2017)
  5. Onboarding Process for Humanity (4/24/2017)
  6. Thumos Paragraph Identifiers (TPI’s) (4/17/2017)
  7. Th1rteenR3asonsWhy Tape1SideA Moment of Vulnerability and Connection (4/15/2017)
  8. Thanks for Upgrading the Cover of Ri4C Book 714 (4/14/2017)
  9. Work as a Thumos Book Promoter (3/11/2017)


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