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This is a groundbreaking book for humanity. Its text is so precious to every individual, so impactful to every group that each paragraph therein is tagged with a unique hashtag for use as a permanent reference in global forums. Like a captivating story with epic character development, this nonfiction makes us feel and think, by taking us on a compelling, original, and unpredictable journey through a treasure trove of humanity. This would be an absolutely unforgettable gift for your loved ones, your employees, and others as it is always relevant to their current needs. It would drastically improve their life regardless of their current situation. Their life will be changed before they finish reading the first three chapters. Their relationships with you and others will be improved before they reach the seventh chapter. They would open this book, this gift again and again. No matter how often they read it, there are always something new to be discovered. Read the full book description

Where to buy this book?

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