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Introducing the Thumos Mentoring Manual

The book, Documented Proof of Adulthood™, is written by Nickantony Quach. It was first published by Ri4C in 2017 and is now available in two different editions:

Paperback Info

  • ISBN: 1946871281
  • Height: 9 in
  • Width: 6 in

Book Description

This mentoring manual spells out a week-long mentoring program that gives you a unique mentorship experience. It takes you through an actual process of creating your own “Documented Proof of Adulthood™” and thereby marking the day when “Your Adulthood Anniversary” should be.  || Part of Adulthood Education, the above-mentioned guidebook turns the philosophical power of The Book of Thumos into practical steps for those who want to have tools and techniques for adulthood. Students need both this guidebook and The Book of Thumos as they show how to become a truly proper adult with a “Documented Proof of Your Adulthood. || “The totality of your perspectives and beliefs is your paradigm… When the influence takes place quickly, it causes a radical change to your paradigm and makes you have a paradigm shift. This will happen to you when you read” The Book of Thumos. “Your life will be changed before you finish reading the first three chapters of The Book of Thumos. Your relationships with others will be changed before you reach the seventh chapter.” || ADULTHOOD: “Moving up in life does not make us adults. Graduating at the end of primary or secondary school, or even university does not make us adults. Having a job does not make us adults. Self-sufficiency does not make us adults. Marriage does not make us adults, especially in an arranged marriage. Having a child does not make us adults. Many children do not become adults when they give birth and have their first child. Age does not make us adults.” The guidebook shows you what it takes to become a true adult and how to prepare yourself for the formal walk through the threshold of your adulthood 12 months before your first adulthood anniversary.


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