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  • Book Data
  • Title: “The First Job for Everyone”
  • Subtile: “Emotional Prosperity & Lifespan Productivity™ based on Documented Proof of Adulthood™”
  • Author: Nickantony Quach
  • Publisher: Ri4C
  • First published: 2017

Paperback Info

  • ISBN: 9781946871206 or 1946871206
  • Height: 9 in
  • Width: 6 in

Book Description

What is the first job for everyone? How important is the ideal self? Ideal; that means, most desirable. Self; that means, a version of your true self. Your ideal self is the version of yourself you desire the most at a certain point in the future. At that point in the future, the actual version of yourself is called your future self.

“[#thumos1222] Years from now we will see the gap between our future self and our ideal self, which will tell us the true story of our past choices and opportunity costs.” – Chapter 2 Change, The Book of Thumos!

Your present self, or your current life, “makes more sense when viewed as a complex business enterprise with five distinct life departments, each of which represents a major facet of life, and together they represent all that you do in life.” See #thumos1309.

“[#thumos1311] … The list of your gaps and insecurities in a Life Department is called a Growth Basket. The closing of gaps and vanishing of insecurities is the growth process in action. In a sense, a growth basket is the management office for the corresponding life department.” – Chapter 3 Deliberation, The Book of Thumos

As a full depiction of your ideal self, the collection of all five growth baskets tells others how to respect you completely. This is necessary for others to know how to fully love you. You will thereby know how to respect and love yourself. Why and how is explained by, Chapter 6 Reciprocation, in The Book of Thumos.

“It allows you to filter out the noise in your present life in order to reflect and figure out what is best and most productive to pursue your ideal life.” – #thumos1315!

Furthermore, the depiction of the ideal self is what it takes to cross the threshold into adulthood. Why and how is explained by, Chapter 3 Deliberation, in The Book of Thumos.

In addition, the first element of collaboration is preservation of relationships; see #thumos1821-1825. This is possible personal and interpersonal conflicts are greatly reduced. This calls for full understanding of one another and thus involves the ideal self. Why and how is explained by, Chapter 8 Collaboration, in The Book of Thumos.

Therefore, the depiction of your ideal self is paramount as it is necessary for adulthood, love, and collaboration. When the depiction of your ideal self is expressed as prescribed by The Book of Thumos, it acts as your Documented Proof of Adulthood™. This is the first step in adding Emotional Prosperity and Lifespan Productivity™ as a new dimension to your selfdevelopment, job search, and such processes. Other steps are explained by The Book of Thumos.

Students and teachers, children and parents, employers and workers, regardless of their awareness, they all use or are greatly influenced by the principles and concepts as presented by The Book of Thumos. Students need it as it shows how to become a true adult; see below. Parents need it as it shows how to teach others to love properly; see below. Teachers need it as it shows how to connect, mentor effectively; see below. Employers need it as it shows employees how to connect and collaborate; see below. Workers need it as it explains the best way to keep your boss away. Everyone needs The Book of Thumos as it shows one of the greatest weapons against both fear and insecurity.

“The totality of your perspectives and beliefs is your paradigm. It is your gestalt of concepts, each of which is a mental formulation for use on a broad scale. When the influence takes place quickly, it causes a radical change to your paradigm and makes you have a paradigm shift. This will happen to you when you read” The Book of Thumos. “Your life will be changed before you finish reading the first three chapters of” The Book of Thumos. “Your relationships with others will be changed before you reach the seventh chapter.”

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