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Paperback Info

  • ISBN: 9781946871206 or 1946871206
  • Height: 9 in
  • Width: 6 in

Book Data

  • Title: “Thumos Jobs for Students”
  • Subtitle: “Supplying absolute minimum common background for all”
  • Author: Nickantony Quach
  • Edition: First Edition
  • ISBN: 9781946871206 or 1946871206
  • Amazon paperback: TBD
  • Book description: Available in a follow-on chapter hereinafter
  • Edition Specification: (unspecified)
  • Edition Label on the Title Page: “Career Center Edition”

Book Description

The book, Thumos Jobs for Students: Supplying Absolute Minimum Common Background for All, is written by Nickantony Quach and published by Ri4C, LLC of Rhode Island.


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