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With only two dozen pages, the booklet, Upgrade Your Life Add Experience Now, authored and published by Ri4C, LLC of Rhode Island, has only eight chapters, all of which except one are two-page long. The first chapter, Upgrading Your Résumé, and the third chapter, Experience Before Graduation, explain why you should upgrade your career resume and acquire work experience before graduation.

The remaining chapters describe six different training and mentorship programs provided by Ri4C free of charge to college students. The six training and mentorship programs are as listed below. Each free mentorship program is fully described in the booklet and briefly explained below.

  1. Authorship Before Graduation
  2. Startup Experience Now
  3. Project Leadership Now
  4. Better Relationships Now
  5. Personal Life Mantra
  6. Documented Proof of Adulthood

FREE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM 1: “Writing and publishing a book before graduation is one of the greatest ways to demonstrate your fluency in written English. When you do it with another coauthor, you show that you are a team player who knows how to take initiative without supervision. Authorship before graduation lets prospective employers appreciate your intelligence ahead of interviews. Your chances of employment are increased thereby. Furthermore, with a published book, your ideas are formally captured and explicitly expressed. The expression of your ideas is thereby protected by copyright, which lasts beyond your lifespan.” The free mentorship program, Authorship Before Graduation, “helps students satisfy their book writing desire and publish their first book before graduation.” More about this program

FREE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM 2: “Startup is a young business with high ambition, more innovation that aims for a new economy of scale in its market. You can upgrade your resume with a professional experience working at a startup. Startup education is a precursor to professional success and lifespan productivity.” The free mentorship program, Startup Experience Now, offers direct, practical, and professional work experiences for college students and new graduates. In the end, the objective is to produce a credible professional letter of work reference that provide your prospective or future employers with no doubt of your capabilities, skills and attributes as demonstrated during your participation of this program.” More about this program

FREE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM 3: “When the building process is known, interdependent members of a group with complementary skills can work in parallel on different components to speed up the construction, regardless of its purpose. This is called teamwork… Like teamwork, collaboration is a dynamic process involving two or more individuals working together. Either way, each participant may represent another group. When the building process is new or not clear, independent members of a group work together in order to figure out how to design, implement and exploit the new building process. Such joint intellectual effort is called collaboration.” The free mentorship program, Project Leadership Now, is “designed for those who need to become an effective project leader in a hurry. The objective of this program is to help you and your peers become effective in working as a collaborative team.” More about this program

FREE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM 4: “Most shortcuts and roadblocks in life are derived from relationships. More often than not, a relationship is either a shortcut, a roadblock, or both at once. Your personal productivity is how fast you can arrive at your ideals. Along the way, you will be sped up by shortcuts and slowed down by roadblocks. Not knowing availability of a shortcut or existence of a roadblock in life may result in a lot of time wasted. On the other hand, while on your way to your ideals, you are either a roadblock or shortcut to other people around you. If other people could understand you better, they would see you as less of a roadblock for them so that they would interfere with your activities less.” The free mentorship program, Better Relationships Now, is “designed to help those who want to become more effective in managing key relationships in their life. A mentor will work with you from the start. The objective of this program is helping program participants have more and more positive relationships.” More about this program

FREE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM 5: “A life mantra islife mantra!definition a mantra that is powerful enough to focus one’s life. To stay focused on your ideals, or the mission of your life, you need to have a life mantra. Knowing how to create and use a life mantra is a way to exercise the power of language to transform your life. Life is about creating yourselflife!creating yourselfcreating yourself. This creation requires a set of changes necessary to grow into the person you want to become. The first step is to envision your destination. To ensure that each day is another step in the right direction, you need a mantra to hold this vision firmly in mind as you go about your daily life. You need to create the mantra that can help you make the right decision in all you do. You can use your life mantra!personalpersonal life mantra to unlock your power on a daily basis.” The free mentorship program, Personal Life Mantra, will “take you through the process of unlocking your own power through the development of your personal life mantra.” More about this program

FREE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM 6: “Without a tangible proof of adulthood, even a well educated and fully employed grown-up may still be a child. Moving up in life does not make us adults. Graduating at the end of primary or secondary school, or even university does not make us adults. Having a job does not make us adults. Self-sufficiency does not make us adults. Marriage does not make us adults, especially in an arranged marriage. Having a child does not make us adults. Many children do not become adults when they give birth and have their first child, especially in the situation with a teenage pregnancy. Age does not make us adults. This is the path of childhood: to pursue a linear path laid out for you by other people… The more time you spend on the path others provided for you, the longer you extend your own childhood. You and only you yourself are responsible for your transition to adulthood.” The free mentorship program, Documented Proof of Adulthood™, will “formally and systematically lead you through your own threshold of adulthood. The objective of this program is to walk you through the process of making your own Documented Proof of Adulthood™.” More about this program

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