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For college students in RI | Mark Canny | Nickantony Quach | What’s a perfect gift?

Ri4C Book 701

This is a groundbreaking book for humanity. Tell me more

  • Book title: “THUMOS Adulthood, Love & Collaboration”
  • Book subtitle: “The Book of Thumos Onboarding for Humanity”
  • Author: Mark Canny and Nickantony Quach
  • Book homepage: Ri4C.com/Book701

Ri4C Book 714

This book describes several free mentoring programs provided by Ri4C. Tell me more

  • Book title: “Upgrade Your Life Add Experience Now”
  • Book subtitle: “Jobs Before Graduation Startup Experience Now Project Leadership Now Better Relationships Now”
  • Author: Ri4C LLC
  • Book homepage: Ri4C.com/Book714

Ri4C Free Mentoring Programs

Ri4C offers several free mentoring programs for students, new graduates, project participants, aspiring authors, startup dreamers, singles, couples, parents, teachers, and aspiring leaders. Tell me more

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