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Even before you become a global citizen with access to the Internet, you as an individual already are a complex business unit with various pursuits. To realize your potential to its fullest extent, you have to run your personal business professionally, by involving more than just a single mind. To get your rocket of the self off the ground, you need to have an ideal mentor acting as your booster in the long run. For those who are still in search of an effective mentor, becoming a thumospath is the use of an alternative booster for the self. Thumospaths are self-mentors who understand in depth how to discharge the power of thumospathic skills as the answer to their basic questions for life and love. With in-depth understanding of how to discharge these skills, you can drastically improve all your relationships.

Written by Nickantony Quach with help from Ri4C, Thumos Love Philosophy is an online book located at Patreon.com/ThumosLove. In the first chapter, it begins with the following basic premises: “Your biggest problem is life. Your biggest solution is love. How you connect the two determines your outcome, which is also influenced by how others interpret your perspectives on both.”

Thumos love philosophy leads the way, explains how and why as it sets the highest standard for love. You and yours will learn how to live, how to love, and how to show others to do the same, but more effectively than ever as you adopt thumos as a better language for trading perspectives. Your social life will be improved as your relationships are strengthened thereby. You will learn how to show others to love you, and you yourself, effectively and appropriately.

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