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What is thumos love philosophy?

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Central to thumospathism is thumos love philosophy. The following list tells the story and explains its basic principles.

  1. The Book of Thumos (#ThumosBook) is the collection of books, each of which contributes to the development, the improvement, and the promotion of thumospathism.
  2. The first volume (#ThumosBook1) is the book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.
  3. All the terms defined in #ThumosBook1 make up an effective nomenclature for trading perspectives with social precision at the highest possible level, never before available. This nomenclature is casually referred to as the Thumos language.
  4. While walking is an action with three elements, love is, according to #ThumosBook1, an action with several elements. Let’s take a closer look at the three elements of the walking action.
  5. When you pull and drop your right leg again and again while standing, you’re not walking but tapping the floor with your right foot. When you pull and drop your left leg again and again while standing, you’re not walking either. When you pull and drop one then another leg again and again, you’re walking in place and not moving anywhere. Walking in place is not walking because it does not involving moving your body elsewhere.
  6. Walking in place involves only two elements of the walking action: the pulling and the dropping of your legs. Because not all three elements of walking are involved, walking in place does not bring the same result as expected of walking. To walk properly, you have to move your body by pulling, shifting, then dropping one then the other leg again and again. When leg shifting is the missing, walking becomes walking in place.
  7. When you fail to execute appropriately all elements of an action, be it walking or loving, you will not see the result as expected of the action.
  8. As explained in depth by #ThumosBook1, if you failed to discharge all elements of love appropriately while carrying out an action, the end result of that action would not be that of loving.
  9. As explained by #ThumosBook1, knowing how to discharge all elements of love appropriately is how you can carry out an action for your target of love but with the highest possible level of seriousness.
  10. Thumos love is love with the highest possible level of seriousness.
  11. Thumos love philosophy is the practice of thumos love in all you do.
  12. Practitioners of thumos love are called thumospaths.
  13. Thumospaths use the following text to send a serious message of love: “fb.com/thumoslove“.
  14. How to follow through with such seriousness is the main theme of the online book, Thumos Love Philosophy, which is referred to as #ThumosBook2.
  15. The practicality of thumospathism is demonstrated by Chapter 18 of #ThumosBook2.


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