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Thumoslang Bottle Writing Project

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The upcoming book Thumoslang Bottle – Birth of the Three Thumoslang Leaders tells the still-developing story in real life of how three strangers forming a deliberate family at the start of a pandemic in an attempt to change the world for good. The writing began on the day after the following paragraph was composed.

Concepts such as success and leadership cannot achieve validity in their own rights. You can never become absolutely successful. The best you can achieve is being successful within a specific field. You can never become an absolute leader. The best you can achieve is being a leader within a specific field. The main reason why many failed to become a successful leader is because they do not know what a field truly is. This is where Thumoslang is at its best. Field; that means, context for nomenclature. The complexity of your nomenclature determines the level of success in your leadership. For example, if you know only two chemical elements, your nomenclature in chemistry is too simple for you to become a leader in chemistry.

— Nickantony Quach at 11 PM on May 7th, 2020

Project Overview

Project: Bottle
Started: May 8th, 2020
Objective: Book
Title: Thumoslang Bottle
Subtitle: Birth of the Three Thumoslang Leaders
Hashtag: #ThumoslangBottle
Author: Nickantony Quach
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