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B1 – Admin Menu for Bongo One

A | Current Agenda
B | Organizational Structure
  1. Internally, we refer to ourselves as Collective One (C1).
  2. Externally, we refer to ourselves as The Ri4CTV Collective, or simply, Ri4CTV.
  3. Officially, we are Ri4CTV Studio.
  4. Verbally, we are Rhode Island Foresight.
  5. The legal name of C1 is Rhode Island Foresight.
  6. Our collective includes the YouTube channel Ri4CTV, the Instagram channel @Ri4CTV, the website Ri4C.com, the website Ri4CTV.com, the Thumoslang website, etc.
  7. Alec Mustafayev, Nickantony Quach, and Norman D. Baker own and operate all of the above.
  8. We meet at Alec’s place from 8 AM until 2 PM every Friday to run our business.
  9. C1 membership is not open to the public.
C | Social Structure
  1. We refer to ourselves as Bongo One (B1), the first wealth-building friend group using Thumoslang as its official language.
  2. B1 membership is open to the public.
D | Private Links

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