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Career Development Program 725

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Career Development Program 725 (CDP725) is used by Ri4C to train its sales reps. The first portion is presented in the next few pages. After reading this, go to Page 1 of CDP725 to get started.

Career; that means, a job sequence. Your career is a the sequence of jobs you take in life. On that sequence, later jobs are often determined by earlier jobs. The first job is ideal when the skills you acquire from it can be used for every job thereafter but without limiting the type of work you will do in the future. Ri4C Job 725 is an ideal first job because it provides you with a unique, consequential experience in systematically acquiring business, professional, and people skills, all of which you will need for the rest of your life.

Development; that means directed growth. Career development is the process of controlling the direction of growth in career. The most practical way to control your future is through career development. CDP725 provides high school students, college students, and many others, with a systematic approach to career development using Ri4C Job 725 as the ideal first job. The program CDP725 will work with you weeks or months before you take on Ri4C Job 725. You can sign up for it even while you are still in school, even long before you have your first experience at work.

When you sell the book THUMOS, you make a big difference in life for your buyers and those crossing their paths. The following pages show you several ways how our book THUMOS helps make all the difference.

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