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Adolescents often look forwards to adulthood. Yet most of them in later years could not recall the day when they first entered adulthood. The book THUMOS brings you one of the greatest rites of passage for humanity when you celebrate your first Adulthood Anniversary at your Adulthood Gateway, where you, 12 months earlier, followed the steps as directed by the book, entered the threshold between childhood and adulthood, and created a Documented Proof of Adulthood™. Through this experience, you will see the potential productivity of your life shot up exponentially even in the first few hours as your “thumos” replaces the chaos with the cogency in your life.

Since neither autonomy, which means freedom of direction, nor self-sufficiency, which means aid-less survival, could bring about adulthood; independence, which means self-sufficient autonomy, could not either. “Moving up in life does not make us adults. Graduating at the end of primary or secondary school, or even university does not make us adults. Having a job does not make us adults. Self-sufficiency does not make us adults. Marriage does not make us adults, especially in an arranged marriage. Having a child does not make us adults. Many children do not become adults when they give birth and have their first child, especially with a teenage pregnancy. Age does not make us adults.” The book THUMOS shows us what it takes to become a true, proper adult.

For the first time ever, we have a book, the book THUMOS, that gives us a direct, practical, and cogent answer to the following questions without resorting to gimmickry: what is adulthood? On which day does it take place? When should your son celebrate his adulthood anniversary? How should you help your daughter produce her Documented Proof of Adulthood™?

As the result, the book THUMOS should be popular with adolescents, parents, and college students. Our sales reps are encouraged to help PTA and other organizations use the book THUMOS as a product for fundraising purposes.

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