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“The totality of your perspectives and beliefs is your paradigm. It is your gestalt of concepts, each of which is a mental formulation for use on a broad scale. It evolves over time as it is slowly influenced by outside perspectives that are provided by other people, which at first includes your parents, then books and your society at large. When the influence takes place quickly, it causes a radical change to your paradigm and makes you have a paradigm shift. This will happen to you when you read” the book THUMOS, a truly groundbreaking gift for humanity.

The groundbreaking book has been brought to us all by Mark Canny and Nickantony Quach. Both of them are seemingly one of the most unlikely pairs to have met, nevermind become coauthors of a book. While Mark was still in college, Nick was approaching retirement, and the only thing that could have brought them together would’ve been the possibility of running into each other in the state of Rhode Island. Despite its size, that chance was still very unlikely. Enter Mike Vanseveren, Mark’s childhood friend and, coincidentally, Nick’s neighbor, who noticed their mutually unblinking love for humanity, and felt compelled to introduce them to one another. That quality Mike saw is what truly brought and kept these two strangers together. Tell me more

Mark Canny is often busy working with research and development for our products and services. You may not want to contact him directly and expect immediate responses.

Nickantony Quach is both the Ri4C HR Manager and the Ri4C Sales & Marketing Manager. He and his assistants should be responsive to inquiries by members of the public. Feel free to contact him directly in case of urgency.

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