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Deliberate Family Principles


DFP stands for Deliberate-Family Principle. Members of a deliberate family are to work with one another according to the following deliberate-family principles.

DFP #1

We are to be fair and square to all, i.e. to everyone in our deliberate family.

That means the following. Twice the effort means twice the reward. It pays to work hard. Twice the time means twice the reward. It pays to put in the time. Better expression of an idea means better reward. It pays to express ideas, especially in writing.

DFP1 does not change the fact that all ideas are literally worthless. An idea itself is worth zero in the marketplace. We do not value ideas. What the marketplace and we value is the expression of an idea. If you came up with an idea, share it but do not expect any pay from it. If you want to get paid for your idea, express it in a copyrightable product. Below is a specific example. I have an idea. Someone should write a song about XYZ. This will not bring me any income. I wrote the lyrics for a song about XYZ. This may bring me income.

DFP #2

The art must have purpose.

DFP #3

Deliberation is required before any major decision can be approved.

Deliberation; that means, presented thoughts. Deliberation takes place only after the involved mind-products became presentable to a large audience of several dozen individuals. If you want our group to seriously consider a decision or an idea you proposed, you must first write a new post in our office to explain your proposal. Email and texting are to be considered as informal discussion and verbal communication, and not as a deliberation. To have deliberation, you must document your proposal via a posting in the appropriate online office.

DFP #4

In order to exercise full respect by all, use of Thumoslang is required to achieve an explicit expression of their ideals in life.

DFP #5

We should have a monthly fun day.

DFP #6

Unless otherwise declared and approved, full consensus is required.

DFP #7

Respect for personal ideals.

Respect; that means, no interfering. To respect someone, you need to know how to avoid interfering with that person’s ideals. You must first spell out your personal ideals before others can respect you.

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