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As stated by this video here, a deliberate family is the group that consistently celebrates every member’s personal ideals all the way along their journey in life. Your deliberate family is a long-lasting solution to the black mountain in your social life.

In other words, a deliberate family is a group of deliberate individuals working together with one another according to these deliberate-family principles. A deliberate individual is defined on this page here.


The family that brought you up is your default family. While children are the product of a default family, brainchildren are that of a deliberate family. The differences between the two concepts are explained in the document Time-killer for the Homebound, the time-killer PDF located on this page here.

Here is a sample usage. The personal philosophy of Jairson Ascencao is “only consequential relationships, deliberate family above all”.

For many, a deliberate family is the default desire but, without Thumoslang, most do not know how to explain such desire.

To build from scratch a deliberate family, use Thumoslang. To get started, watch the video How to Create a Deliberate Family, which is Episode 19 in Season 15 of the YouTube series NDBaker93.

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