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March | April

Miguel started to write the Interal-Use-Only booklet, “The Thumoslang Experience: My Journey Through Adolescence” (TE), on 3/22/2023, the day after Seadragon’s first day on his first job at QMG.

Their rapport during the job interview and the first day working together inspired Miguel to write the following chapters within 48 hours. The booklet was kept only for internal use by QMG.

  1. Welcome to Our Group
    • TE1, FE1, RS3 | Status(4/20): Draft 1
  2. The Adventures of Team Voda
    • TE2, FE2, RS4 | Status(4/20): Draft 1
  3. Day One: Discover Thumoslang
    • TE3, FE12, RS12 | Status(4/20): Draft 1
  4. An Eye-Opening First Workday
    • TE4, FE13, RS13 | Status(4/20): Draft 1

On his second day at his new job, Seadragon was amazed when Miguel showed him the first four chapters of an internal booklet he was writing about Seadragon’s journey. Seadragon was impressed by how much Miguel had written in just two days and felt incredibly lucky to have such a unique first job experience.

On 3/26/2023, Miguel wrote the following:

On 3/27/2023, Miguel wrote the following:

On 3/29/2023, Miguel completed the ninth and final chapter of the booklet:

On 3/30/2023, Miguel released the booklet without fanfare as material for professional training and gave the online book a new title, “Foresight Education: Success Assurance for Our Group” (FE). He added the following chapters on the next day:

On 3/31/2023, Miguel added the following:


March | April

On 4/10/2023, Alec reordered the first 14 chapters of the FE book. He switched between teaching and storytelling throughout the book to make it more interesting to the reader.

On 4/15/2023, Miguel composed the following internal memo that initiated a new monthly tradition. From then on, Miguel is expected to write a similar memo in the middle of each month.

On 4/17/2023, Miguel wrote the following chapter before he took Seadragon and Junior on a work outing to watch a movie and talk about the chapter, inspired by the Miguel’s meeting with Lyonel and Alec on the previous day.

On 4/18/2023, Miguel replaced the book title with, “Raising Seadragon: Thumos Philosophy & Thumoslang” (RS1). He was inspired by Seadragon when he reaffirmed his promise to finish learning how to type within two months and made the new promise to read the original Thumos textbook, titled “Thumos: Adulthood, Love, & Collaboration,” on the previous day.

On 4/19/2023, Miguel wrote the Synopsis, which incorporates the events from Seadragon and Junior’s discussion about Chapter 15. Alec approved it that same evening while Miguel assisted him with SQL coding for his Database Design homework. Miguel also wrote the Dedication on the same day.

  • Pending Task: Alec said that we must revisit the Synopsis when all chapters reach the final-draft status.

On 4/20/2023, Miguel wrote the Preface, added Publishing Status, and found that only 12 of the first 15 chapters achieve the Draft-1 status.  The following three chapters could use further development and strengthening:

On 4/21/2023, Miguel added Chapter 16, Seadragon and the Original Thumos Textbook, renamed Chapter 11, The First Bongo Group, and improve chapters 6, 10, and 11.



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