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Documented Proof of Adulthood™

“Moving up in life does not make us adults. Graduating at the end of primary or secondary school, or even university does not make us adults. Having a job does not make us adults. Self-sufficiency does not make us adults. Marriage does not make us adults, especially in an arranged marriage. Having a child does not make us adults. Many children do not become adults when they give birth and have their first child, especially in the situation with a teenage pregnancy. Age does not make us adults. This is the path of childhood: to pursue a linear path laid out for you by other people… The more time you spend on the path others provided for you, the longer you extend your own childhood. You and only you yourself are responsible for your transition to adulthood.”

For those who are interested in becoming a true and proper adult, the free mentorship program, Documented Proof of Adulthood™, as provided by Ri4C, LLC of Rhode Island, will formally and systematically lead you through your own threshold of adulthood. The objective of this program is to walk you through the process of making your own Documented Proof of Adulthood™.

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