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First Bioblog Dashboard Featured Image

Welcome to Ri4C! This article is about the image of this photo which is also shown at the bottom. Here is the story behind the image.

As defined by the online book, Thumos Love Philosophy, a bioblog is a private blog used to represent the absolute biography of the blog’s owner. The public should never have access to any portion of the bioblog. Bioblog owners can manage their life better, systematically as they view it as their absolute biography. The first chapter spells out the steps for creating a bioblog.

When you aim your browser at your bioblog, you should see the Dashboard page, which is a  blog page, not a blog post, whose title is “Dashboard”. Its featured image should look like that of this photo. When you scroll down, you should see links or shortcuts leading to various places in your bioblog. It should feel like you are driving your own life when you are using your bioblog.


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