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xxx Chapter 12 Cloud Functions Chapter 13 Cloud Datastore Chapter 11 Cloud Shell xxx

Welcome to GCP Shortcuts at Ri4C! To return here, use the web address, Ri4C.com/GCP. This page provides frequently-used shortcuts for coders using Google Cloud Platform (GCP). When you click on GCP, GCF, GCD, CSE , or CPS on the top line of this page, you will, respectively, bring up the following:

High school students, college students, and others who want to learn as a beginner how to do both computer programming and cloud computing should become Volunteer Coders at Ri4C. No experiences are required to get started. You will learn how to work with Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Functions, and Google Cloud Datastore.  After 12 months, you will be awarded with an online Ri4C Certificate of Coding Experience. For more information, contact the Program Administrator at our online school Thumos Gap Year Training Center at Ri4C.


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