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GCP101 Chapter 25 HTML App on Local Machine

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1 Reminder of gcp101chapter21app

The cloud service, gcp101chapter21app, is created according to the steps as explained in, Chapter 21 HTML App Using Cloud Service. When you aim your browser at the cloud service’s URL, it comes back with an HTML document used by the browser to draw the user interface as shown in the image on the right, with four input fields and a Submit button.

When you click on the Submit button, its form sends the input data to the cloud service, datastore_setvalue, created by, Chapter 14 Adding function to update Datastore. By now, it should no longer be used. Instead, use its better verion, datastore23setvalue, which is created by, Chapter 23 datastore23setvalue Cloud Service.

2 About Gcp101C25Demo18A1.html

This chapter shows you how to create the web page, Gcp101C25Demo18A1.htm, for use at your local machine. It is a better version of what is generated by gcp101chapter21app. It is supposed to use the cloud service, datastore23setvalue, instead of its former version, datastore_setvalue. Its source code is presented under Appendix A, below.

The logic in the source code is fully explained in the next chapter:

Appendix A Source Code

Click here for the source code on GitHub.

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