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Are you looking for a big break? Do you live in Rhode Island? Do you enjoy working with others in person? If your answer to these questions is a big YES then we’re inviting you to join us.

We are The Creators of RiVillage. We are The Core Team of RiVillage. To better serve the greater world, we always have a need to add new members to our core team. The first two members are Nickantony Quach (center) and Alec Mustafayev (right). Feel free to contact them anytime. Click here for their contact information. If you cannot reach them, contact their friend Norman D. Baker (left).

As you check us out, thank you for your time and consideration. Here is how you can have a big break with us.

RiVillage is the idea of making life easier for everyone by giving them a way to be more than just strangers to each other. For example, when first looking for work, you may find yourself walking into a restaurant and asking to speak to the manager. If you are, unlike a stranger, recognized in a positive light, your chance of getting the job is much greater.

As determined by the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, a universal way to be more than just strangers to each other is called Thumoslang. This concept is explained by our Coalmont Magazine at this location here. Using the logic of Thumoslang, we concluded that the most important thing in RiVillage is your ideals.

When you have no income, as reminded by the above example, what you desire most is to have a job, which would make that desire part of your ideals.

Your ideals matter!

The reason that is our slogan is because, according to Thumoslang, your friends and family need to understand your ideals to know how to avoid interfering with what you do and thus respect your life fully. After all, respect is necessary for love.

In the pursuit of your ideal self, which is who you truly want to become, you will face four inevitable challenges that anyone with a pursuit in the same vein will battle with. The first is social relations. You cannot have a big break if you do not service many people, which is why you must know how to navigate the terrain of the purposeful involvement you will have with many people. The second is communication. You cannot service many people if you are not part of a productive team, lest you find yourself overwhelmed at the enormity of your task. The third is life management. Your service cannot be consistent if the key needs in your life are not met, these being integral parts of your ideals: health, relations, dreams, career, and retirement. It’s not uncommon to neglect one or more of these to leave more time for what you believe to be the most urgent in pursuing your ideals, such as neglecting your health by not sleeping enough, or neglecting your relations by not interacting with your friends. The last, and arguably most important, is the clarity of the ideals in pursuit. If it is not clear in your mind what your ideals are, you can’t by any means expect to be able to pursue them.

Thumoslang provides a universally useful solution to the integral and challenging hurdles of communication, social relations, life management, and the clarity of one’s ideals. That’s why it gives off the impression of being able to assist with the fulfillment of any ideal. Learning and building on the ideas of Thumoslang is the reason that RiVillage as a whole exists.

Learning from history, the term ‘American Experiment’ refers to the United States’ putting to the test the prohibition of the two favorite crimes of all known governments: the seizure of private property without adequate compensation, and the invasion of the citizen’s liberty without justifiable cause. Regardless of the outcomes of this test, there is no denying that the results, like that of an experiment, serve as a lesson to better future conduct.

The RiVillage Experiment seeks to answer a similar question, this time through the lens of a single individual’s social life. The two favorite crimes of all families are the imposition of metrics, a collection of standards, and persistent Micromanagement, supervising at an unnecessary level of detail. Metrics imposition is the act of one party forcing another to think using the context of their logic, even though both have different upbringings, leaving one’s upbringing completely unconsidered. Micromanagement, though not a negative act in and of itself, creates an environment in which the possibility of growth is greatly restricted when someone is unrelentingly instructed to perform very specific actions without knowing why. The experiment of RiVillage is to see the outcome of removing these two constraints from an individual’s life.

Where do you think your life would be if you didn’t grow up with these two constraints? What if we could help remove these constraints at the earliest time possible in the life of others throughout the state of Rhode Island? What if we could do the same for many places elsewhere?

The RiVillage Experiment might do for humanity what the American Experiment tried to do for the United States. To put this speculation to the test, we need to collaborate with many smart people like you. That’s why we always need to enlarge our core team.

RiVillage is named so because it is our ideal version of Rhode Island. RiVillage is where, and Thumoslang is how its residents can become more than strangers to each other. RiVillage becomes a successful project when the idea is also adopted by the people of another jurisdiction outside of Rhode Island.

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Get Started with RiVillage


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