Guide to Thumoslang


The Dictionary of Thumoslang 2024 is now available on Amazon. By using this book in every serious conversation, you know who is correct in every argument. When your mind must go faster in the discussion, this book will make you cool, calm, and collected. Sharpen your power of discernment with this book to maintain a coherent self-dialogue and build stronger logic. Why not give this book to make your group, school, or company much more productive?

“Hi, I’m Anthony. After reading the introduction, I believe this book, The Dictionary of Thumoslang 2024, is worth 50 to 60 dollars,” said a high school student in the video <a href="v=L2DXO6qKXjg“>The Second Pricing Suggestion | About the Thumoslang Dictionary | S1E2 | @ri4ctv. “The information held in this book is priceless.”



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