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We are Foresight Participants, a small group in Providence, Rhode Island, who are starting a new business. Our members, who come from diverse backgrounds and speak different languages, range in age from a high school freshman to an experienced professional.

We want students and others to join us and discover their talents in different fields like humanities and business. You don’t need professional experience to join us. You’ll learn as you work with us.

Let us introduce our first members: Miguel and Caleb started the group in August 2020. It took them two years to create their first product. They sold a dozen units to different customers in December 2022. In the same month, Caleb’s friend Aelfric joined the group. He will work with us full-time this summer to develop our long-term business plan.

Junior and Seadragon joined our group in early 2023. Junior works with Caleb in Research & Development, and Seadragon works with Miguel in Business Development.

We believe our startup will succeed, but we know there is a long journey ahead. We need local participants who love Providence and want to stay in Rhode Island and grow with us.

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