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Hey there,

I’m Alec Mustafayev. That’s me on the right in the photo. As of Spring 2020, I’m wrapping up my senior year at Classical High School in Providence, Rhode Island. Below that on the left is my friend Jairson Ascencao, who is still in the experimental stage of his life. We met by chance, but we felt it was no chance to discover that we faced the same challenge in life.

Though we didn’t realize it when we were younger, now we saw that we invested a great deal of time and emotion into the relationships with our schoolmates. Why should we spend so much time in building these relationships when all of a sudden our loved ones could leave? Especially when we love them?

There exists within us all a need for company. We often wish we could have the connections other people appear to possess. But something stands in our way. Something we call the black mountain of social life, one of the biggest and darkest problems in life. Have you ever felt that you lacked a group to fall back on in hard times? Maybe that you had no friends at all?

Meeting random people is easy. Not being able to keep them in your circle of friends as long as you want is the black mountain of social life. We all have to face it. So did Jairson and me when we first met one another last year.

Luckily, we both ran into our mentor Nickantony Quach who showed us how to apply Thumos Love using Thumoslang. These concepts made us far more powerful than we have been led to believe.

Thumoslang stands for Thumos language but it more precisely is a nomenclature. Thumoslang is the nomenclature for social life. It is also, as Jairson puts it, the architecture of social logic.

If you want to become an expert in any field, you must understand its nomenclature, i.e. its naming system. Using its nomenclature, you become far more powerful when you talk about various topics in the field. Likewise, using Thumoslang as the nomenclature for social life, you achieve many consequential relationships with far less effort.

Thumoslang brought me and my friends far closer than we ever were before. So much so that Thumoslang brought me to the realization that after high school, my friends and I would lose anything we had keeping us together as a group. This is my encounter with the black mountain of social life, something faced by countless people. As a solution to the people going through this I am now working on a writing project, a textbook for use in teaching Thumoslang. My hope is that others in situations like mine can utilize the textbook to overcome their social obstacles.

Thanks to the current pandemic, many of us have to stay at home or shelter in place. This makes the black mountain of social life an even bigger problem next to all of us. That’s why my friend Jairson and I decided to use this time to write the Thumoslang textbook together, and to organize the Thumos Love Challenge for the homebound.

I chose to use this particular picture here as the header image because the people standing next to me in it are many of the first who come to mind when I think of using Thumoslang to improve my relationships and help further the ideals of those I’m close to. From left to right, the man standing directly next to me is Ayo.

In his own words, Ayo has absolutely no shame, a trait I admire, and which has served him as a detriment and benefactor alike. One thing I can say with full certainty of his character is that he treats people, myself included, like he’s known them for years after times as short as their first meeting.

Next is me standing directly beside him. Though I often smile looking back on this photo, I couldn’t bring one out at the time considering the serious matters we had just finished discussing as a group. In my case, my most recognizable skill is in writing, as you may be able to tell reading this. I primarily write fiction, such as my published novel “Rebellious”, or up and coming book “The Dog’s Day”. Going down that career path is actually what led me to writing this very document, and it’s what I’m working to continue doing as the future comes.

After me is Stephen, a now college sophomore, and fellow writer. At the moment, he is working diligently on a web comic called “Angels of Harmonia”, with a bit of help from yours truly. This current work is meant as a means to one day open a video game development studio, with himself as the head writer/designer.

In the center of the photo is Andrea, one of my closest friends. Being someone who has gone through her own trials, she is choosing to go down the path of a social worker, and a Nexus, or ‘story expander’ at that, focused on providing services both therapeutic and benefactory for life to those that need them.

Above her, sticking his head up is Dexter, a visual artist. When I met him, he was quite reserved, but seemed to appreciate my sense of humor (even if he was also a bit repulsed). As we got to know each other, he learned of my writing, and I learned of his drawing, and how he can create a style realism, anime, or silliness in an image all with a pen and sheet of paper, like these drawings here.

Under him is Max, a singer. Aside from singing for fun, he’s joined a few singing groups online, and recorded a few songs. In these groups, they sing as existing anime characters rather than singing as themselves. At the moment, Max is sharpening his skills, so as to one day upload his songs to YouTube.

On the far right is Nathaniel, or Nate as I call him. After graduation, he’ll be off to the military, meaning after the next few months I won’t be able to see him for a while. After his return, and after being assaulted by hugs in our reunion, he’ll most likely get a job in the same vein as the one he’ll have in the military, involving working with computers in some form.

This is just one small experience of a person’s relationships. The Thumos Love Challenge is meant to help others strengthen theirs’. Why not give it a try and click on the following link to get started?

Click here to get started with the Thumos Love Challenge.

The Next Step

Click here for an Overview of the Thumos Love Challenge


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