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To realize the vision, Emotional Prosperity and Lifespan Productivity™, on a personal basis at every level, the individual requires successful collaboration, which depends on lasting relationships and thus effective love. That means everyone needs to have intimate access to the knowledge originated from our first product, The Book of Thumos.

Effective love is systematic and thus easier when done with a depiction of your ideal self. When your ideal self is depicted as prescribed by The Book of Thumos, the result is the same as what it takes to become an adult, a Documented Proof of Adulthood℠. This is why our first service is the mentoring program, PVD Adulthood Journey, whose objective is to create a Documented Proof of Adulthood℠ for the participant. Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, participants are expected to systematically cross their threshold into adulthood during this journey.

In order to realize our vision, in order to accomplish our mission, as stated above, we need to build up a network of mentors who have intimate knowledge from The Book of Thumos. This is why we now have a number of job openings.

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