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Foresight Professional Training Program

A | About FBG

The Foresight Business Group (FBG) comprises the Ri4CTV Writing Team–also known as the Quach & Mustafayev Group (QMG)–and other Foresight Participants, including Lyonel Fritsch, who interviewed Seadragon, a distinguished member of the Classical High Class of 2026 with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. When the high school freshman completed his first day at QMG in March 2023, Lyonel’s mentor Miguel found himself inspired by their engaging interactions during the job interview and throughout that first workday. Consequently, he penned the opening four chapters of “Raising Seadragon” (RS1), encapsulating the essence of their rapport and the creative energy it ignited. Following the high school freshman as he pursues his dream job, this book not only chronicles the History of FBG but also serves as a valuable professional training resource for its current and prospective members.

B | The Authorial Journey

By May 2023, Miguel had crafted the initial draft for the first sixteen chapters, as detailed in the Publishing Status and the Developmental Notes found within the Back Matter section. Also found there is an Overview that lists The Main Characters and presents The Plot and Main Points.

C | About Thumoslang

During his time at QMG, Seadragon is introduced to Thumos philosophy, a framework for personal growth, and its specialized vocabulary Thumoslang. Over the course of ten months earlier, Lyonel Fritsch, a colleague who is six years Seadragon’s senior, works with Miguel on various projects. Lyonel discovered that the philosophy is an innovative social framework designed to help individuals enhance their lives and relationships. Its vocabulary Thumoslang consists of a collection of concepts and principles that foster introspection, personal growth, and healthy communication. As a versatile tool, Thumoslang enables users to clarify and navigate relationships in both personal and professional settings while developing emotional intelligence, cultivating self-awareness, and nurturing empathy and understanding. It provides a platform for achieving social clarity, acting as a linguistic tool that streamlines communication and aligns expectations.

D | The History of Thumoslang

The history of Thumoslang can be summarized in a sequence of pivotal years: Origin (2001), Discovery (2014), Thumos (2017), Ri4CTV (2018), Thumoslang (2019), QMG (2020), Bongo (2021), Products (2022), and FBG (2023).


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