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Homework with Norman If You Do Not Like to Do It Alone

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If you would like to have the same experience as many other readers do, play this video here on a large screen placed in front of you while reading this book. It’s the video Homework with Norman, which is Episode 25 in Season 15 of the YouTube series NDBaker93.

When I first met Norman, on 9/20/2019, he and his cousin were riding their BMX bikes across the skate park in downtown Providence. The moment was captured by the first minute of this video here. At the time, neither he nor I realized that we had Jairson Ascencao as our mutual friend. We independently met Jairson only a few weeks earlier.

On the first of October, Jairson organized an impromptu music gathering in downtown Providence. He invited many of his friends, including Norman and myself. However, Jairson did not let anyone know whom he invited. Norman and I were totally surprised when we unexpectedly ran into one another at the gathering. This video collection here captured the many activities we carried out during the event. In the videos, you can hear Norman singing and see him playing two different musical instruments.

Three days later, Norman and I met again for the third time. As promised in our first encounter, I told him about what and how I was doing with my YouTube channel Ri4CTV. He in turn shared with me stories of his life. Our conversation lasted six hours. Most of them were on camera. The result is the first season of our YouTube series NDBaker93, named after Norman’s email address. Episode 11 in Season 1 of NDBaker93 is when Norman first declared on camera what he truly wanted to become: a global leader! In the video, the story of his life begins. Six months later, he became a documented leader as his act of leadership was on camera and captured by this video here.

On that day, by watching an Ri4CTV video, at the age of 25, Norman found out the objective meaning of the concept leadership. Before watching the video, he wanted to become a leader but he did not know what one does exactly hours before actually going across the threshold of becoming a leader.

If leadership means  different things to different people, none of them should agree which of them is their leader. How could you become a leader if you had no ideas what leadership truly means, or what leader is in every context, from every perspective?

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