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How to Take a College into the Thumos Age

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What is Thumos?

Thumos; that means, the power within. It is already part of your life. You may not be aware of it yet. As stated by The Book of Thumos, paragraph #thumos11A8, it is what turns our most burning desire, our passion, into action. Once thumos is activated, the power within is discharged. This causes deliberation to take hold, which engages management and results in increased productivity. Tell me more

What is Thumos Age?

When at least 51 out of 100 random students at a college would give the same answer to all of the following questions, Thumos Age begins. “What is love? What is it made of; how does it work; is there an expected outcome; how do we discharge the power of love?” Thumos Age is a period in history characterized by human life based on a precise definition of love. Tell me more

Why Thumos Age?

How to Enter the Thumos Age


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