I love you

Thank you for granting me the privilege of loving you. This is how I want to express and send you my message of love, with the highest level of seriousness. Once again…

I sent you the link, fb.com/thumoslove, to say, I love you. That means, as explained in #ThumosBook, and according to the four principles listed below, I promise you that “I will not interfere, reject, or oppose the nurturing of your ideals, and I will care for the nurturing of those ideals.”

You grant me the privilege of loving you by sharing me your ideals. As soon as I know, I make all attempts to avoid interfering with your ideals. Furthermore, I try my best to meet all needs in the nurturing your ideals.

I can love you today, because you let me know of your current ideals. I can love you tomorrow, because you let me know of what is ideal for you tomorrow. So long as you let me know of further changes in your ideals, you continue giving me permission to keep on loving you in the way as stated above and as fully explained in #ThumosBook.

The Four Principles of Thumos Love

Thumos Love Principle 1 (#TLoveP1):  When you want your loved ones understand how serious you are in your love for them, send them the text string, FB.com/ThumosLove, as your message of serious love.

Thumos Love Principle 2 (#TLoveP2): When you love others, you promise to avoid interfering, rejecting, and opposing the nurturing of their ideals, and help meet their needs in their pursuits.

Thumos Love Principle 3 (#TLoveP3): You will periodically update your loved ones with the latest expression of your ideals, so that they can keep on loving you seriously.

Thumos Love Principle 4 (#TLoveP4): Whenever the opportunity arises, pass on these principles.