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Ri4C Job 726

Job Specification

About the Job

You will be responsible for managing sales reps who work within your sales region.

Sales Regions

Within our sales organization, the 50 states are divided into six groups: XS, S, M, L, XL, and supersize (SS) states. The 6 XS-states are those with less than one million residents, 9 S-states < 2M, 13 M-states < 5M, 10 L-states < 7M, 8 XL-states < 18M, and 4 SS-states > 18M in population.

Notice that the combined population of the six extra small (XS) states is less than 5 million, or about the same as one medium (M) state. The combined population of the nine small (S) states is less than 14 million, or about the same as two large (L) states.

HR Needs in Sales Management

We need 3 Regional Sales Managers for the 6 XS-states, 5 regional managers for the 9 S-states, 13 regional managers for the 13 M-states, 20 regional managers for the 10 L-states,  24 regional managers for the 8 XL-states, and 21 regional managers for the 4 SS-states. To manager all 86 regional sales managers, we need to have 22 regional sales directors. The combined needs comprise of 108 regional sales managers and directors.


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