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Manager Trainee Jobs for Freshman College Students

Aside from biological abnormalities, we all, more or less, have equally powerful brains, each of which is capable of reaching the same conclusion based on the same set of facts. When one side does not comprehend the perspective of the other side, the missing fact brings about misunderstanding and thus conflict. Conflict is not rooted in the lack of facts but the lack of experience in trading perspectives. Created in early 2017 in Providence, RI by two coauthors, THUMOS is an approach to trading perspectives. Necessary for every member of our humanity, THUMOS aims to provide a framework for individuals to make small tweaks to the way they already think and act, regardless of their context, in order to have a gradual and nurturing impact on both personal growth and humanity’s future at large, in as concise of a format as necessary. Its purpose is for use in preventing unnecessary conflicts, on a personal and social basis, through more trading of perspectives. For more information, aim your browser at Ri4C.com/ThumosBook.

For its Thumos Sales Organization, the startup business Ri4C LLC of Rhode Island is looking to train 432 freshman college students living across the 50 states who would like to learn how to work as, and later become, a Regional Sales Manager (RSM); see Ri4C.com/Job726. Of the 432, 108 trainees will be selected to work as actual sales managers. The remaining trainees will be invited to work as Thumos Sales Representatives; see Ri4C.com/Job725. Twenty-two (22) of the 108 will be selected to work as Regional Sales Directors, each of which supervises up to four sales managers. Each sales manager supervises a number of sales reps in their sales region.

If you currently are, recently were, or will soon be a college freshman, you’re invited to join us at Ri4C as a manager trainee. To apply for any of the above-mention unpaid trainee job openings, please fill out the form at Ri4C.com/Jobs/Apply, no experiences required but English fluency a must. We will work around your school schedule. Self-motivated junior and senior students in high school are also invited to apply. To share this job ad, please use the web address, Ri4C.com/Jobs/Freshman.

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