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The following tasks are prioritized based on edit time. What requires the most time for editing needs to be done first. Tweeter links, for example, take a lot of time to do. That means, new material first, Deliberation second, introductory material third, and all else last.

  1. Decide to include the following in the book, or not. If so,  where in the book and what is a better version? “In a way, the book is about bringing Prosperity to the world on an individual level and therefore prosperity for posterity, future generations.”
  2. Revise Chapter 10 Legacy and add Posterity to it.
  3. If we want to publish before March, we need to revising Chapter 3 Parts 1, 2, and 3 now.
  4. Revise the Acknowledgement
  5. Revise the chapter, About the Author
  6. Revise the Origin of Thumos
  7. Come up with a T3 logo

The above list came from this report:

Historial Information

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