RI Foresight Club

Curator of the Philosophy Cafe of Providence

Mentoring Center

Welcome to Ri4C Mentoring Center!

Ri4C1 was established on January 24th, 2017. Here is an opportunity to be involved with a business during its infancy.

Our vision at Ri4C is for all in our humanity to have the same absolute minimum common background. This paves the way for everyone to have, as expressed by one of our trademarks, Emotional Prosperity and Lifespan Productivity™. Our mission at Ri4C is, therefore, to provide products and services that help facilitate the realization of the stated vision.

As part of our mission, we offer the following mentoring programs free of charge to college students.

bookofthumos_WP_20170319_05_34_29_ProPlease select one that is most appropriate to you:

Employees of Ri4C are called Ri4Cers, also pronounced and written as, foreseers. As part of their foreseeing tradition, their first step is to participate in one of the above mentoring programs.


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