Greetings from Providence! This has been prepared to introduce myself via the web address ri4c.com/midnight. I am called, Midnight Philosopher at the Gun Totem, because I often, in the middle of the night, sit on one of the benches near the Gun Totem Monument to do critical-thinking for various projects. I love this monument as it is one of the most unambiguous meeting points on Earth. Anyone can, by name, google its exact coordinate. While in Rhode Island, set up an appointment and meet me there, especially at midnight!

I am a serious philosopher. My philosophy makes a big difference for every person who has ever been exposed to its material. The name of my philosophy is Thumos, which means, passion for humanity.

THUMOS is a social language necessary for effective articulation when deep, strong, and meaningful relationships are paramount. The deepest relationship is the most memorable one. The strongest relationship is the one least breakable and thus lasting the longest. The most meaningful relationship is the one that reduces the greatest amount of distance between you and your ideal self. The best relationship is the deepest, the strongest, and the most-meaningful one. THUMOS is how you can add to your life faster, more relationships but deep, strong, and meaningful.

THUMOS was first published in early 2017. Its first test subject is Ilaf Elard, a Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at Brown University. He declared June 4th as the Thumos Day. On this day, he wants us all to take a closer look at our own ideal self and measure how far we are from it.

After being exposed to just an hour of coaching on Thumos material, a middle-age man wants to see us learn how use of this philosophy during the earlier years of our life. This took place on the second Thumos Day, June 4th, 2018.

I hope you enjoyed the above story. Return here and find out what happens on the third Thumos Day, i.e. June 4th, 2019.