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Created by Nickantony Quach, Thumoslang is the nomenclature for social life. Thumoslang is intended to be a universal form of communication to increase the love, collaboration, and quality of the adult lives of human beings around the world. Initially created in 2017, the language has over 1000 thumbnail definitions.

Trek Vella, also known as the Thumoslang Reading Collection on Kindle Vella, is now the official Guide to Thumoslang. It comprises eight reading series on Amazon’s Kindle Vella, which is why it is also sometimes referred to as the Thumoslang Octalogy. Tap on any of the stories below to start reading them for free!

The Kindle Vella series Thumoslang Stories shows you how to super-power your social life using true stories of Thumoslang’s immense power.

The Kindle Vella series Practical Guide to Thumoslang shows you how Thumoslang actually works behind each reported social interaction.

The Kindle Vella series Thumoslang at Work reports true stories of people improving their lives using Thumoslang.

The Kindle Vella series Thumoslang Philosophy offers portrayals of Thumoslang in its most unfiltered form.

The Kindle Vella series Personal Startup Using Thumoslang shows you how to use Thumoslang for your business-of-the-self.

The Kindle Vella series Thumoslang Chronicle tells you about the people and events behind the making of Thumoslang.

The Kindle Vella series Parenting Made Perfect shows you how to improve relationships in your traditional family.

The Kindle Vella series The Business of Your Ideals shows you how to speed up your ideals using second-mind partners.

The Kindle Vella series Reparenting Trek reports all the critical steps taken by the project whose mission is to reparent humanity.

If you want to witness and learn the primary use of Thumoslang in about the amount of time it takes to watch a movie, watch Thumoslang101. This series is a sequence of six videos showing how Thumoslang, several times in a few hours, changed the life of a 25-year-old salesman and father of one.

If you are in a hurry and want to become an expert in Thumoslang overnight, you should read Thumoslang‘s original textbook: the 2017 book “Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.” 

This is a groundbreaking book for humanity. Like a captivating story with epic character development, this nonfiction makes us feel and think, by taking us on a compelling, original, and unpredictable journey through a treasure trove of humanity. This would be an absolutely unforgettable gift for your friends as it is always relevant to their current needs. It would drastically improve their life regardless of their current situation. Their life will be changed before they finish reading the first three chapters. Their relationships with you and others will be improved before they reach the seventh chapter. When they would open this book, it would be their gift that keeps giving, again and again. No matter how often this book is read, there is always something new within it to be discovered.

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