More on NDBaker93 S8E3 The First Falsifiable Definition of Love

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One of the most important videos on Ri4CTV is The First Falsifiable Definition of Love, which is the third episode in Season 8 of the YouTube series NDBaker93. In the video, high-school student Alec Mustafayev, at 17 years of age, made the first encounter with love! One day, many may consider this on-camera event as the time when our humanity began its jump to Level 2.0.

As a student of Classical High, the best or second best public high school in the state of Rhode Island where entrance exam is a requirement, Alec is one of the brightest. For one thing, he published his first book Rebellious at the age of 15. He understood the importance of his first encounter with love so well that he kept asking for the making of the video since it was filmed in November, i.e. five months ago.

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