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Click here for the homepage of the book Life in 184 Words, also known as Thumoslang on the Run (OTR).

This book is part of Thumoslang 2022 Collection.


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You can arrange and enhance your future by controlling your personal ideals, internal dialogues, and social clarity, but not without the 184 words.

Wow! What a book it is. It helps turn each reader into a complete human through a slow-burn personal transformation using Thumoslang as a linguistic tool and level of analysis. In brief, Thumoslang is the vocabulary for optimizing life, formally described as the nomenclature for social life. The book can help you improve your life, increase your group’s productivity, and advance your community’s progress. It is full of self-evident propositions to keep yourself on the shortest path toward your ideal self.

This product is part of Thumoslang 2022 Collection.

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