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The Origin of Pedlink

Are you new in town and have a need to link up with the locals? All you have to do is to take part in the Pedlink story. Pedlink is the never-ending story of how regular visitors to the Providence River Pedestrian Bridge use it as their social destination where they link up in real life with one another in ways unimaginable to most before the bridge was built. It began minutes before the above photo was taken.

The story began with the following YouTube video, which is known as the first Pedlink video. It was filmed when Norman D. Baker (@normthemann) chased after Nickantony Quach who was running across the bridge during a stormy night with a camera riding on its hand-held stabilizer. Unbeknown to both, caught on the camera was another group. They are the three 2020 graduates Zack Moore (@zack.moore_), Nolan Jaeger, and Lorenzo Wilson (@bigzellyy). When all five visitors to the bridge met minutes later, they kicked around the idea of using the bridge as a social destination to link up its regular visitors. That was when the story of Pedlink began.

The story continues below.

It’s rare to see Nickantony in front of the camera. This Instagram video here is an exception. In it you can see how he uses a stabilizer to handle a smartphone camera. Standing by him in the video is a local skateboarder known as Peagle (pictured). They met one another several times over the year but, until then, Nickantony did not ask Peagle for his Instagram. Nickantony was never active on Instagram until there weeks earlier, i.e. the last week of spring this year (2020), when he and Alec Mustafayev were kicking around the idea of RiVillage.

The photo at the top of this article shows Nolan, Norman, and Zack. The one at the bottom of this article shows Lorenzo and Nolan. These two photos were taken when the Pedlink story began, while the hour switched from Friday to Saturday to start the second weekend of July. This was when the three 2020 graduates first watched, on Nickantony’s phone, the video Solidarity Push, which is the first episode in Season 1 of the YouTube series Tales of Trinity. Minutes later, Nickantony told them the second half of this story here, on how he discovered @pedalforpeacepvd and then how he learned of @genzwwtl before the bicycle event eight days before the skateboarding event Solidarity Push played out.

When Nickantony asked Nolan for his Instagram, he explained why he did not have one. As soon as he heard of the idea behind #Pedlink, he agreed to create an Instagram account and link up with other regular visitors to our beloved bridge. This sets in motion the idea of #Pedlink.

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