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“Mantra; that means, aiding concentration. It is a phrase frequently repeated to keep in focus. A life mantra is a mantra that is powerful enough to focus one’s life. To stay focused on your ideals, or the mission of your life, you need to have a life mantra. Knowing how to create and use a life mantra is a way to exercise the power of language to transform your life. When you have a mantra, you can hold your ideal destination firmly in mind as you go about your daily life. With the life mantra, you can ensure each step is in the right direction. You need it the most when you have too many distractions, especially when your mind is not at its best while it is bombarded with distracting thoughts.”

The free mentorship program, Personal Life Mantra, as provided by Ri4C, LLC of Rhode Island, will take you through the process of unlocking your own power through the development of your personal life mantra.

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